Rainbow Six Pro League Coverage

Coverage 26.7.2017




The second season of Rainbow Six Pro League is well under way and we are able to jump in at the group stages with our newly joined roster. Having picked up the GiFu lineup, ENCE will compete in Group B of the European Pro League. Having already taken down unKnights they will start their new journey as ENCE with the chance to make it through to the EU finals with another victory. Out of the four qualified teams three of them will continue on to the season final LAN which will take place in Cologne, Germany.

The team has already proven themselves to be one of the best in Europe and will now look to secure the title as the best team before heading onto the world stage to compete for the grand title. Season 2 will have a prize pool of $237,500 up for grabs with it continuing to grow throughout the year ending in the SIX Invitational and a $500,00 prize pool. You can see from the graphic below the schedule for the seasons and tournaments coming up this year.

You will be able to catch all the Pro League games live here on ENCE.gg and we hope that you cheer the team on throughout the year as they compete.