QLASH SC2 Invitational Coverage

Coverage 20.8.2018

Serral is your first QLASH SC2 Invitational Champion!


We’re getting some new blood in the StarCraft 2 tournament scene! Team QLASH has announced that they are organizing their first SC2 event. Starting from 23th of July, Serral, among 15 other players from all around Europe, will compete against each other in a very unusual format. The players have been divided into two eight player groups that will be played out as round-robin.

Serral is playing in the Group A and will begin his run by going against Bogdan “HellraiseR” Kozar. The other players in his group are Zanster, Snute, Lambo, Ptitdrogo, DNS and Stephano. Currently, Serral’s form is so strong that it is likely for him to claim victories over each of his  opponents. Although, the long preparation time might give the others a chance to hone their builds in order to snipe Serral. During the Group Stage phase, each match win is rewarded with 50$.

Serral faces a different opponent weekly on Tuesdays until the top 2 of each group advance to the offline Playoffs, which are played on the 22nd-23rd of September at the QLASH house in Italy.


Group Stage

  • Round Robin.
  • All matches are Bo5.
  • Top 2 players of each group advance to the Playoffs.


  • Semifinals are Bo7.
  • Finals are Bo9.

Prize Pool

1st: 1,000€
2nd: 700€
3rd-4th: 400€

€50 for every match win in the Group Stage