PSL Spring Challenge Preview

Post 24.4.2020


More PUBG action is on the way as ENCE prepare to compete in the PSL Season 6 tournament. The Finnish hosted event which has currently been running will this week begin Round 4 of the tournament which will see 25 teams that qualified from Round 3 go head to head with 7 invitational teams, of which ENCE will be one.

Having recently shown some big performances in this new online season of events ENCE will be looking to solidify their title as not only the best in Finland but as a force of Europe. The online competition level is highly competitive right now and a lot of strong EU teams will also be eyeing the PSL title, we had a chance to as coach Sentex what he thought going into this one.

“We recently played through the 303 Royale League 2 and it went how it went. We started off well, but the rest went south. I think it’s good that we can go straight into playing more games in the form of PSL. The level of play is very high once again, as most of the top EU squads are present. Our own form has been inconsistent recently, but we’re working of fixing it and we’re planning on showing the same form we had in Germany earlier. It’s very nice to see a Finnish tournament of this calibre being organized, especially with all the European talent involved.” – Jari ‘Sentex’ Sammalniemi – PUBG Coach

There will be two days of play for ENCE to try and secure a spot in Round 5 of the tournament which you can find all the details on below. We hope you tune in to cheer the team on as they chase those Chicken Dinners starting on the 27th April!


  • Open for 128 teams, 21 additional teams directly invited to Rounds 3 & 4
  • 6 Rounds of play
    • Round 1 – 128 teams – BO6 – 13.4 & 14.4.
    • Round 2 – 64 teams – BO6 – 15.4 & 16.4.
    • Round 3 – 48 teams – BO6 – 20.4 & 23.4.
    • Round 4 – 32 teams – BO8 – 27.4 & 30.4. (ENCE begins here)
    • Round 5 – 24 teams – BO8 – 5.5 & 7.5.
    • Round 6 – 16 teams – BO18 – 12.5-14.5.

Full format and rules here:

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