PCS Europe: Season 1 Preview

News 5.6.2020

PCS Europe: Season 1 Preview

With the PCS Charity Showdown now complete teams are now looking ahead to the next regular season of play (although still online) for the professional PUBG circuit. The PCS will now host a season for each region with ENCE set to compete in the European portion of the circuit. The tournament will run throughout June to the start of July where 24 teams come together to battle it out over the next title of EU Champion as well as a $200,000 prize pool.

With the recent performance at the PCS Charity Showdown the team will be eager to show that they can still compete at the top as they take on 11 other Invited teams as well as 12 teams that have made it through various qualifiers. The event will run in the same format as the PCS Charity Showdown (more details below) with a multi group stage followed by a single group Finals.

We hope you cheer the PUBG guys on as they look to reclaim glory across Miramar, Sanhok and Erangel. For more info you can keep your eyes here on ENCE.gg or on the official PUBG PCS Site.


  • PCS Season 1: Europe
    • 24 teams
      • 12 Invited Teams
      • 12 Qualified Teams
    • 36 Matches across 6 days of play
      • 24 Teams split into three groups
      • Round Robin group format (A vs B , B vs C , A vs C)
      • All group points tallied into one overall leaderboard
      • Top 16 advance to Finals
    • Finals
      • 20 Matches

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