Overwatch Update + New Player

Post 8.3.2017


At the start of the year we added an Overwatch team to the organisation and saw them first compete shortly after at the Winter Assembly event where they took 3rd place. Over the last few weeks there has been a player change as well as some in depth look into the current team situation.

We had a chance to catch up with team coach elfi to find out exactly what the situation and future is for the Overwatch team

So we had a hiccup with the team and decided to make some changes to our lineup. After Assembly we were in a huge slump but within the last week our playing has looked a lot better than what it was previously. We have added Gare as our last player and this time I hope the lineup will look the same after six months. Now we are going to start taking this more seriously and begin to participate in online cups for now. In the future I really want to see the team winning small online cups and later I want to get the players the chance to play in some EU lans when they are ready for it. Hopefully everything will work out well and people will continue to cheer for us in future!

You can look forward to the Overwatch cups coming soon with all the live coverage provided right here on ENCE.gg

Welcome Gare

We are also happy to announce the newest member of the six man roster, Kasper ‘Gare‘ Kiminkinen. With the roster complete the team will now strive towards a successful 2017 and we had a chance to have a word with Kasper about joining ENCE

My name is Gare and I am excited to be joining ENCE for the off-tank role. I feel like I can be a great addition to the team because I have good understanding of the game and I’m a fast learner which makes learning new heroes and learning new strategies much easier.

We look forward to working with Kasper and the team throughout the year and hope that everyone will welcome him to the team and cheer them on.