Overwatch Understudy: Lucio

Post 14.9.2017

Overwatch Understudy: Lucio

Welcome to the all new Overwatch Understudy series where we take turns looking at the heroes of the game. One of the players from the team will be answering questions on how best to play the particular hero as well as a quick video containing a small look into their abilities and some play highlights.

To start the series off we welcome team captain Trickwide as he talks about his most notable hero Lucio.


What are the strengths of playing Lucio, what does he bring to the team?

Lúcio brings balance between aggressiveness and defensiveness with his kit. He is able to continuously dish out damage while passively healing or amplifying movement speed. Lúcio’s movement speed amplifying is good for both engaging onto the enemy and for disengaging away from the enemies. His weapon’s secondary fire knocks enemies, which helps you peel for yourself and your allies. Also the secondary fire is great while on the edges of maps where you can knock enemies off the map. One of the key strengths of Lúcio is his ultimate ability SOUND BARRIER, which generates a 500 health barrier for himself and all allies in his line of sight withing 30 meters. SOUND BARRIER is usually used to block damage from some other ultimates, such as Genji’s Dragonblade. Additionally Lúcio works as an “taxi” for his teammates. This means using an AMP IT UP’s speed boost to move specific teammates quickly, usually escorting your ally from the spawn back to the fight.

What are the weaknesses of Lucios playstyle?

Lúcio’s CROSSFADE has only a radius of 10 meters, which means Lúcio has to be relatively close to his allies. Additionally CROSSFADE’s effects and SOUND BARRIER don’t go through enemy barriers and walls. Lúcio has only 200 health, which means that he is relatively squishy character and being close to his allies exposes himself for the enemies. Also sometimes you can fail your wallride and fall out of the map…

How do you play against a good Lucio if you meet him in queue?

Remember that Lúcio is a squishy support character, which makes him easy character to kill. Abuse him when he is in the middle of the fights and he doesn’t have his AMP IT UP ability that increases the heal or movement speed of CROSSFADE.

A lot of people have issues with Lucios wall climb ability which can be quite important, what advice do you have to perfecting this?

Practice, practice and practice. Go to custom games and see what walls are great to wall ride on and how to bounce from wall to wall. I myself have Lúcio’s jump binded on both SPACE and mouse3 that helps me with the Lúcio’s wall climb.

Is there a particular map where Lucio excels, Capture, payload etc?

Personally I think Lúcio excels on Oasis and Temple of Anubis the most due his wallriding ability. There’s plenty of walls and objects to wallride on these maps and wallriding makes Lúcio extremely slippery.

Any other advice for people wanting to play Lucio correctly?

Peel for your team, peel especially for you Ana or Zenyatta. Read the game and see when you need to use your AMP IT UP, when to have healing boost and when speed boost on. Additionally perfect your wallriding, it makes you hard to hit and you can get out of tricky situations. Or you can use wallride to get into an angle where you can knock the enemy off the map with your secondary fire.

The Overwatch Understudy series will be a monthly article focusing on a different hero each time with various ENCE Overwatch players joining us to give their insight to each hero.