Overwatch Roster Changes

News 31.5.2017

Overwatch Roster Changes

Today we announce some changes in the Overwatch roster with the addition of two new players. Joining the ENCE lineup will be Kalle ‘Cali‘ Ylönen and Richard ‘rCk’ Kanerva as they join the four members. We are excited to have both these players on board and with Vectorama right around the corner it will not be long until we get to see them in action. We had a chance to get some thoughts from both players as well as team coach elfi

Samuli ‘elfi’ Sihvonen – Team Coach

Our team has been together for 5 months now and we’ve grown a lot. Making team work together both in-game and outside is always big operation, everyone has had a good attitude in every way, but we now start looking new perspective on in-game with these changes. I have also learned a lot during this time and have to admit that changing players is a weakness of me as coach.  However future looks positive and I expect a lot from our line-up. The first real test will be ESM tournament at Vectorama. I’m glad that we have the possibility to bootcamp prior the tournament at ENCE’s gaming house, where we also meet our new faces and finalize everything. Let’s hope that ENCE’s Overwatch team now takes the next step!


Kalle ‘Cali’ Ylönen – Offtank/Flex

It is an honor to be playing for ENCE! I’m very excited to be playing alongside such talented and experienced teammates. I’ll be playing the offtank/flex role, I believe this will be the perfect opportunity to show my skill and versatility when it comes to Overwatch. I look forward to seeing what we can achieve with this squad and I will do everything I can to help bring our team to victory.

Richard ‘rCk’ Kanerva – Flex/DPS

I’m excited to see what ENCE has to offer and what we can accomplish as a team and look forward to playing together and hope the fans cheer us on.

The new lineup will have their first LAN together at Vectorama next week and you will be able to catch full coverage of the event right here on www.ence.gg We hope that you support the new lineup as they set out to claim their first victory together.