ENCE Overwatch Announcement

News 6.1.2017

ENCE Roster Announcement

Today ENCE is excited to announce that our applications and trials for the new Overwatch team have been completed and a roster formed. We would like to thank everyone who applied as well as trialed for the team and we have put a lot of effort into ensuring we have formed a team that will be able to represent the organisation well. The players that will be joining ENCE are

Mikael “SKYTRiXSHA” Silvennoinen
Samuli “BAITO” Karppinen
Ville “Trickwide” Saastamoinen
Riku “Ripa” Toivanen
Ville “Desperado” Palmu
Roni “lhcloudy” Tiihonen

We are incredibly excited to start off the 2017 year with a new addition to the organisation and we look forward to working together with the players as we start our Overwatch journey. We are not only happy to announce the team but that you will be able to see the team in action very soon as they will be playing at Assembly Winter 2017 in Helsinki, Finland. Below you can find some statements from team coach Samuli ‘Elfi’ Sihvonen and in-game leader Ville ‘Trickwide’ Saastamoinen.

We are happy and proud to be able to represent ENCE, the team was formed through an open application and then some minor tweaks to create a youthful ensemble of players which still has some experience. The team is not lacking ambition and we want to further develop as a team and individuals with the aid of ENCE. The Finnish Overwatch scene is growing rapidly and our aim is that ENCE OW will be recognized in the international scene in future. Our first LAN-tournament will be ASSEMBLY Winter 2017, where we of course collect experience and goal top 3 result.


The project has finally reached the next phase and we can start thinking about the future. I have a huge trust in young talents and have taken this into account when building the team. A small pinch of experience also is included, and I believe it helps the entirety especially at the beginning. When building the team I didn’t focus too much on current level but where the team can be in 6 months and that was the base on which I built the players together. The biggest work is of course still ahead and we will need a long term plan to ascend. The motivation shown from the players was great and now joining ENCE provides that extra boost for them as we move forward. At the start our goal will be at Assembly, it will be good to test where we have gone in a month and how much progress there has been. Thank you for everyone who has shown interest to this project and I hope for support from everyone in our journey this year.