Overwatch Player Changes

News 20.4.2017
Today we say farewell to two of our Overwatch players as we part ways with Ville ‘Desperado’ Palmu and Kasper ‘Gare’ Kiminkinen. Ville has been part of our Overwatch team as a DPS player since beginning of the team and Kasper joined the team around a month ago to fill the off-tank role.
The roster changes are always last resort for fixing problems, but at some point it is mandatory action when teamwork is lacking and individual skill differences are too high. The changes that get made are to ensure that we can field the best possible team that we can. 


Below you can read a statement from Team Coach elfi


When we started to build the team at the start of this year, it was impossible to predict how the year goes forward. Every player develops with different phase and puts the effort in differently. We have been mostly stuck whole 4 months period, so some changes had to be made. Personally I didn’t wish for this solution but hopefully, it will help us going forward in future. For taking the next step, we are now looking for established& experienced players to fill our ranks.


Fist step will be stabilizing team and focus on practice. It is still unknown in what tournament we will be participating next, but it will come in time and we will show our true potential and fighting spirit!
We will be looking into bringing on two more players that we feel will be a good fit for the team and we thank the fans for cheering on the Overwatch team and we hope that they will continue to do so as we iron out the wrinkles.
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