Overwatch PIT Championships

Post 20.1.2018

Overwatch PIT Championships

The PIT Championships have returned for a second season and ENCE have been invited to compete in the European region of the tournament. This will be the first official tournament that we will get to see the new lineup when the event starts on January 22nd.

The tournament has invited 10 teams each to both NA and EU regions where they will be divided into two groups of five and then battle it out for a place at the playoffs. There will be a $20,000 prize pool and title of PIT Champions up for grabs in the second season and will be a great stepping stone for teams looking to make their way into the top tier of the eSport scene. This will be an incredibly challenging tournament for ENCE and their new lineup and it will be very exciting to see how the team performs.

Niklas ‘Nikse’ Salminen

PIT is a huge opportunity for us to showcase our new team against top tier EU teams and overall the tournament will prove that even after the start of OWL, Finland and the rest of EU can keep producing new talent.

Although they have already been playing in the Overwatch Open Division and producing great results all the games are played off stream. With the PIT Championships games will be streamed (with more details to follow where and when) and we will be able to get our first look into their game-play.


The entire event will run for a little over a month with the playoffs and finals concluding on February 28th. Group stages will consist of a round robin style with the top four in each group moving on to the playoff stage. The schedule will be released in the coming days but the team will be practising hard regardless of who they will face off against in their group in order to show the European scene that they mean business.

Oula ‘OLBAA’ Räsänen

I feel like it’s a great experience for us to see how we are progressing as a new team and players, it’s going to be a tough one as Europe is pretty stacked with good teams.

The coming weeks will be a busy and important schedule for the Overwatch team as they continue to play in the OW Open Division and have the Assembly Winter 2018 tournament at the beginning of the You can read more about the new lineup HERE and we hope that you will cheer them on as they give their first public display in the PIT Championships.