New Site Launch

News 12.8.2016

Today we are excited to announce our new website which has been completely reworked with the fans in mind. We have crafted the site to ensure that not only can you keep up to date with the latest news on our teams and players but also have somewhere to directly watch all the ENCE eSports games and tournaments we are involved in.

Joona ‘natu’ Leppänen
“We are delighted to finally release our new website, which is a product of evaluating the data of what information people wanted to get from our site and going through feedback we have been given in the past months. We are super happy about the details we can provide you with, such as the theatre mode that is in full motion when ever ENCE is playing so you don’t need to go further than to catch your favorite team and players play!


There are a number of new features and sections to the website  but below we have highlighted some of the new features that you can find on the revamped site.

Theatre Mode

Theatre Mode is a new feature that will automatically appear at the top of the site when there is a LIVE game involving ENCE eSports, whether it is Starcraft II, Hearthstone or Counter-Strike you will be able to catch all the action live directly from the site.

Theatre Mode


In the matches section you will be able to find a list of our upcoming matches as well as previously played games. You will be able to see a handful of details from clicking on each game including opponent, tournament, game day/time and a link to standings/bracket for that particular tournament. This will be the best place to keep on top of the schedule of all ENCE eSports tournaments and games from all our players and teams.


We have brought the players section to life so that you can find out more about your favorite member of the ENCE team. From here you will be able to see information such as what gear they use, their previous achievements and even download their CS:GO configs to try out for yourself. You will also be able to find direct links to all the players social media for following and liking.