Introducing the ENCE autumn 2019 collection

News 1.8.2019

We are delighted to bring a new and more defined ENCE clothing and apparel collection making its debut at Assembly Summer 2019 before hitting online sales next week. This article will introduce you to the clothing items we are releasing starting from today, with couple items hitting presales next week

Inspired by our fans, we wanted to start create a clothing collection that feels and looks great. We’ve added little details such as the ENCE badge on each and every official clothing brought by us. Underneath the badge is a little message that reminds us of all the great fan contributions that have taken over Social Media over the course of the past year.

We are bringing the new merchandise first to Assembly Summer 2019, where you can get your hands on the new items straight away. Following the event, we will be starting our online sales next week and will be adding various accessories to the list in the coming weeks.


ENCE Gold Zipped Hoodie – 74,95€ (Assembly Offer – 64,95€)


ENCE Black College – 59,95€ (Assembly Offer – 54,95€)


ENCE Milk T-shirt – 29,95€ (Assembly Offer – 24,95€)


ENCE New White T-Shirt – 29,95€ (Assembly Offer – 24,95€)


ENCE New Black T-Shirt – 29,95€ (Assembly Offer – 24,95€)


ENCE New White Hoodie – 69,95€ (RELEASES AUGUST 12th )


ENCE New Black Hoodie – 69,95€ (RELEASES AUGUST 12th)


ENCE Track Jacket and College Pants (PRESALES START NEXT WEEK!)


ENCE Baby Body – 24,95€ (Assembly Offer – 19,95€)


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