IEM Katowice 2020 Coverage

Coverage 28.2.2020

Serral 2-3 Zest

Day 2
Serral 3-1 INnoVation
Day 1
Serral 2-0 Lambo

Serral 2-0 S0S
Serral 2-0 Cure
Serral 0-2 Hurricane
Serral 2-0 TY


Serral begins his run in the IEM Katowice Round of 24 this Friday! He is hunting for his missing IEM trophy, and is determined to make it out of the Group Stages and onto the Grand Finals. Even though there will be no live audience at the event, lifting the trophy will still be a huge feat for whoever will have the honor to do so.

On Serral’s way to the playoffs there are several formidable opponents – Group D consists of Serral, Lambo, Cure, TY, sOs, and Hurricane. Serral stated himself in our interview that “Korean Terrans are always scary especially with the meta shifting a bit”, and now his Group features 2 of them. But challenges are meant to be overcome, and we are very excited to see some great StarCraft in the first offline tournament of the year!


Group Stage:

  • Four groups of six players played out in round robin format.
  • All matches are Bo3.
  • First place in each group advances directly to the Quarterfinals.
  • Second and third place in each group advance to the Round of 12.
  • Ties are broken in the following order:
  • Overall map difference
  • Overall number of map wins
  • Match wins amassed between the tied participants (‘Mini-League’)
  • Map difference between the tied participants (‘Mini-League’)
  • Number of map wins between the tied participants (‘Mini-League’)
  • Tie breaker matches
  • Coin toss


  • Single-elimination bracket of twelve players.
  • Round of 12, Quarterfinals, and Semifinals are played in Bo5.
  • Grand Finals is played in Bo7.

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