How to buy NFT on OpenSea using Coinmotion

The following piece does not include any investment advice. It is worth noting that investing in any digital asset includes risks, which should be carefully assessed before making important decisions.

Step 1: 

Create a Coinmotion account, remember to use the code EZ4ENCE.

Step 2:

Deposit funds and buy some ETH.

Step 3:

Download Metamask Chrome Extension and create a Metamask account (Remember to save your seed phrase carefully).

Once you have it, copy your wallet address, and go back to your Coinmotion account.

Copy your wallet address

Step 4:

Send your ETH to your Metamask account from Coinmotion.

Click Send

Paste your Metamask wallet address, choose how much Eth you want to send and then click “Send transfer”.

Your funds will appear on your Metamask wallet in 10 minutes.

Step 5: 

Go to OpenSea and connect your Metamask account from the top right corner.

*Be careful that you’re on the right website. Be sure it reads and NOT, for example,, or similar.

Step 6:

Find the NFT of your choice and purchase.

Note that ETH transaction fees are relatively high. Transactions fees can be up to 50€ or higher depending on network usage. You can see the average transaction fee at the moment from here.

WTF is an NFT?

An easy guide into NFTs brought to you by our partner, Coinmotion!

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