House Rivalries EU Season 1 Preview

Post 1.2.2019

ENCE’s Hearthstone power trio NoRage, Kufdon and Creapz are taking part in the House Rivalries Season 1!

Starting on February 2nd ENCE will compete in a 3v3 Open Decklist tournament series. The first 3 weeks will be played with a swiss format, and then the fourth week in single elimination between the top 6 teams. Each series will be a bo5 single elimination.

Kufdon and his teammates NoRage and Creapz  will face Nordavind as their first opponent Nordavind on 2nd of February


  • Swiss rounds
    • Bo5 Single Elimination
    • Lasts 3 weeks
  • Playoffs
    • Top 6
    • Bo5 Single Elimination
    • Played of the 4th week

Prize pool:

$450 and trophies.

“After a long wait and Hearthstone being in offseason it feels good to finally play in an tournament, especially since it’s a teamleague. We’re really excited to be able to play with our team in the EU House Rivalries. I feel like our team is on the same page going into this tournament and hopefully we will get through to playoffs. Most exciting series for myself is our first swiss game versus Nordavind, as they are my former teammates. Special thanks to the people organizing this event, there are so few teamleagues or tournaments in Hearthstone.” – NoRage

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