GSL vs. the World 2018

Coverage 2.8.2018


GRAND FINAL – Serral 4-3 Stats

Serral 3-1 Dark

Serral 3-0 INoVation

Serral 3-0 Kelazhur


Ladies and gentlemen, what a great time to be alive, as we are nearing one of the most anticipated events of the year! GSL vs. the World is the second WCS Global Event of 2018. Serral travels to Seoul, South Korea, to represent Team World among the elite of foreign StarCraft 2. The event is held on August 2-5th, and consists of two parts. In the main event, individual players face each other in a single-elimination bracket. The second part will have the two teams going up against each other in a BO9 series.

Since it is so rare for us to see these players compete against each other because of the region lock, there is no way to tell who will come out on top. Team World consists of Serral, SpeCial, Neeb, ShoWTimE, Kelazhur, Scarlett, Has and wildcard representative, Cyan. Team Korea’s representatives are Maru, Rogue, Classic, Stats, Zest, Innovation, Dark, and soO. The skill gap between foreigners and Koreans has been closing more and more. For example, Scarlett won IEM Pyeongchang this year and Neeb won the 2016 KeSPA Cup. Also, a lot of the players from Team World have been practicing in Korea, and getting that vital intel against their players.

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While Serral has reigned supreme on the foreign soil, his performance against Koreans is difficult to predict. Earlier in the year in WESG, he lost 0-3 to Maru, but emerged victorious against Classic with a 3-1 score. Many fans and players alike are hoping to see the rematch between Maru and Serral. Both players have been acclaimed to be the best their regions have to offer. But the road to that dream final is going to be rocky. Serral starts his run by going against a more familiar opponent Kelazhur. Right after that, he would already be up against an incredibly formidable opponent in either Innovation, the winner of GSL vs. the World 2017, or Rogue, last year’s Blizzcon Champion.

We hope you join us in cheering for Serral as he marches into the tournament with 3 consecutive WCS titles under his belt and fights to put the Koreans in their place.


Single Elimination Bracket

  • All matches are Bo5.
  • Finals are Bo7.

GSL vs. The World Team Competition

  • Best-of-nine. All matches will be played.
  • Each player from the GSL team plays a member of the World team.
  • If needed, an ace match will be played between one member selected from the GSL team and one member from the World team.

Prize pool

Overall: KRW105,000,000.00 KRW (around 94,000.000 USD)

1st: ₩30,000,000
2nd: ₩15,000,000
3rd – 4th: ₩8,000,000
5th – 8th: ₩5,000,000
9th – 16th: ₩3,000,000