GG.Bet Shuffle Coverage

Coverage 16.10.2018




Straight off their first big victory at StarSeries the team are going immediately into their next event which will be GG.Bet Shuffle. As one of the invited teams we are directly seeded into the playoffs and will face Imperial in the RO8. Much like the previous GG.Bet event (Majestic) there is a shot at making it to the next IEM event which will be held in Chicago, USA.

With the victory of StarSeries they will be looking to ride the momentum into the event which takes place online. Joining them in the playoffs are teams like Heroic, G2 and Optic Gaming who ENCE recently played.

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Only the one spot will be available for IEM Chicago and ENCE will be looking to claim that as their own in the qualifying event. Games will run from Oct 15th to 20th and we hope that you cheer the team on as they look to secure another big LAN attendance.



  • Four Invited teams + Four from Groups
  • Single Elimination
  • Games are Best of Three

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