Farewell Uuno, Welcome Slebben

News 28.11.2018

Farewell Uuno, Welcome Slebben

Today we announce some changes to the Rainbow Six Siege lineup as we bid farewell to Aleksi ‘UUNO’ Työppönen, who wished to be transferred to a yet to be disclosed destination. UUNO joined the ENCE lineup in December 2017 and quickly became a power player alongside the other members of the team helping to secure our return to Pro League. It has been a pleasure to have Aleksi on board and look forward to seeing what he achieves in the future. The negotiations on buying out UUNO’s contract was conducted in a professional fashion and couldn’t have been a much more straight forward process to go through.

Aleksi ‘UUNO’ Työppönen was an integral part of the team as they made their way back to Pro League

New blood enters the lineup

With the departure of Uuno we are happy to welcome Alex ‘SlebbeN’ Nordlund, who’s contract we have bought out from NYYRIKKI Esports, to join the lineup. The 18 year old has been proving that he is one of the best fraggers around and will be an exciting prospect to have on the team. SlebbeN will immediately be jumping into the action with the team as he will compete for the ENCE name at DreamHack Winter next week and continuing into the Pro League immediately after. We would like to thank NYYRIKKI Esports for conducting the transfer of Alex very effortlessly at an inconvenient time and tight time-frame.

Alex ‘SlebbeN’ Nordlund joins ENCE’s R6S roster and gets his first outing this weekend at DreamHack. Picture Credits: NYYRIKKI Esports

“With DreamHack Winter and the ever important Six Invitational qualification just around the corner and the new Pro League season starting shortly after, having changes made to the lineup is never an ideal situation. However, this has been a smooth transaction on both occasions and we would like to thank both parties for their cooperation. I’m really excited to see a new prospect joining our R6S squad, a player the team has had their eyes on for a while now. ENCE is committed to be a part of the top echelon of Rainbow Six: Siege Esports and we’re delighted to start a new Pro League season next month!”, says Joona Leppänen, Marketing Director, ENCE

A big thank you to UUNO for everything that he has contributed to the ENCE team during his time with us and we wish him luck moving forward in his career. We would like to encourage all of our fans in giving a warm welcome to our new player, Alex “SlebbeN” Nordlund!

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