Farewell Sha77e

News 10.12.2017

Farewell Sha77e

Today we announce the departure of Ville ‘Sha77e’ Palola from the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege team as he is transferred to PENTA Sports in good spirits between the player and the teams. Joining the organisation along with the team that was picked up last year we have seen many great things from Sha77e and also shared many great moments. None more so in his helping to win ENCE their first major title as the team finally claimed the elusive Rainbow Six Pro League Championship.

Sha77e will be joining with PENTA Sports who have been considered one of the best Rainbow 6 teams in the world and a great rival for ENCE eSports in the Pro League. With the addition of Sha77e they will become an even greater force to be dealt with and we look forward to both great rosters battling it out as we have previously done so.

With the departure of Sha77e we grabbed the thoughts of team captain Willkey about the move as well as what it means for the future of the ENCE Rainbow Six Siege team leading up to the Invitational 6 as well as the future there on out.

Willkey – Team Captain

With a sadness in my heart I have to announce that Sha77e is leaving ENCE Rainbow Six roster to try out his wings in a different path. Sha77e was part of a ENCE roster for a long time and I’m happy that we were able to lift that title trophy together. We hope him all the best in his future. That being said we clearly now need fresh blood to our roster.

We are aware that there’s a lot of undiscovered talent in the Finnish player pool and have already scouted it out. We are confident that we have found a perfect player for our current needs. He will be bringing out a lot of fire power to our lineup and is super motivated to show of what he got.

So in the end we will be ready for the Invitational trophy hunt.

We would like to thank Ville for everything he has done for the team and for the organisation during his time with us. We also wish him the best as he continues his career in the Rainbow Six scene and look forward to facing him when the chance arises in the future.