Farewell Juho

News 30.10.2016

Farewell Juho

Today we unfortunately part ways with one of our players, Juho ‘juhob’ Lampinen who has been with us since we relaunched ENCE. It is always unfortunate when we have a player leave, however we want to be sure that the player is happy and that we can support them in any way we can and sometimes a player feels he must move on.

Juho has been a vital part of the relaunch of ENCE with some incredible displays over the year helping us get into two Minors and a handful of tournament wins. We wish Juho the very best in the future wherever he decides to go. This of course comes at a tricky time with the Minor around the corner however we have put in motion a stand in player that will compete with us in Bucharest.

Below you can read some statements from Juho and Petri regarding the departure as well as the stand in.


Juho ‘juhob’ Lampinen

This year has been very hard for me mentally. Team chemistry has caused problems, and the focus has not been there.
After allu’s departure, I took over the AWPer role on the team, and it ended up making everything even harder and more stressful. I began to get a burnout, and simply could not take it any longer. The only good choice was to step down from the team.
However, I want to thank ENCE for the possibility of playing as a full-time player, and hope everything good for the organization and my old teammates, who I wish good luck at the European major next week.

Petri ‘procyh’ Hämälä – CEO, ENCE eSports

I feel we’ve failed as an organization in providing correct support for the players as individuals, as well-being of the players both physically and mentally is a key element to being successful.
In hindsight we should have addressed these problems, which we had noticed, in an earlier phase, and intervened stronger. It is something we need to learn from, and to make plans to prevent in the future.
At the European minor next week, we will have ENCORE’s Roope “tomsku” Simpanen as a stand-in. We will then consider next steps for 2016 and 2017 after the event.