ESEA S22 Premier Global Finals

Coverage 27.8.2016

ENCE 0-1 Echo Fox

ENCE 1-0 Chiefs

ENCE 0-1 aTTaX



The regular and Playoff part of the ESEA Season 22 Premier Division has come to an end and now it is time to determine who is the best Premier team in the world. Eight teams will come together to battle it out for a $50,000 prize pool and title of Premier champion. Unfortunately due to some Visa issues not all teams from around the world are able to compete which means that there will be two additional spots taken by EU teams. ENCE will be competing in Group A alongside Echo Fox, aTTaX and Chiefs eSports while in the other group we will see Mortal Kombat, Pnda, Crowns and g3nerationX. The event which is taking place in Katowice, Poland will be the first time that a LAN event has been held for the ESEA Premier event as a Global tournament.

ENCE having suffered a change to the lineup will still be eyeing the top prize as they make their way there. Yesterday we managed to grab natu for a few questions before heading in to todays group stage.

Globals now has 4 EU teams competing due to visa issues from other teams, do you feel this has made the playoffs a little more difficult?

I don’t think it makes a big difference. I think it’s sad we don’t have as much diversity in the teams as we could have had. But it’s just the nature of things with visas being problematic at times.

With yourself (natu) acting as a standin for the tournament, how has the preparation for the games been? Anything special or just continuing what the team had been doing.

Basically we have spent the last 2 weeks playing together few hours a night so that means we have played all of the team’s map pool a couple of times together. I’ll be taking most of the calling duties here so I’m going to try to keep things basic and have some of the good methodical stuff we had in our previous teams, where it’s about good team play and playing the midround situations correctly.

This is the first chance to show who is the best PREMIER team in the world, how do you feel you stack up against the other regions?

I think in this field of competition we have a fair chance of going deep in the tournament. However it all comes down to very much about form of the day for all our players and how well we communicate. I suppose people would expect MK to have a solid chance of winning it with Echo fox being a possible other candidate. I think it’s very good for the competitive scene in general to have these Global Challenge finals with Premier teams. Gives an incentive and in the future a very straight forward path on how to go towards the Pro League but still have proper structured league and finals event to look forward to.

Group stages first, what 3 teams would you like to have with you in the group?

As the groups are in, we have Echo fox, Alternate attax and Chiefs in our group. I can’t complain really, I think ours might be overall a little tougher atleast from an expectation standpoint but it’s all the same. We face Alternate to start things off and we’re quite happy with the match up. Best of ones are always tricky but atleast we’ll always end up playing on a map that we feel some what comfortable on!

The event will take place Saturday and Sunday with all the group stages being completed on the first day and you will be able to catch all the action live right here.