ENCE welcomes Aleksanteri "ATL" Leinonen

With the recent announcement of acquiring a League of Legends roster for the upcoming Northern League of Legends Championship, we were also on the lookout for staff to help kick start our campaign in the game the right way. Today we are happy to welcome Aleksanteri "ATL" Leinonen as the Performance Coach for our League team

Aleksanteri is not only already a coach with quite a bit of experience under his belt in various League teams, including most recently coaching Enclave Gaming in the UKLC 2020 Spring Split, but he also has a Professional Coaching Qualification from Varala sports institute and is just starting his 3rd year of studes at Vierumäki Sports Institute for Bachelor Degree of Sports Coaching and Management. He is very excited to join us on this journey to bring Finnish League of Legends on the map once and for all.

"I'm excited for the opportunity to work with a lot of highly motivated and hard working players to help them towards their goals. I also appreciate how well ENCE has handled everything so far in the current situation. As a team I feel that we are excited to get the season started, but also recognize that there will be some challenges and we are prepared to have patience and work through them as they come."

- Aleksanteri "ATL" Leinonen, ENCE League of Legends Performance Coach

Looking for the right pieces to creating a winning formula is always key especially in the early stages of a project. ENCE's GM Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen felt like another pair of eyes was needed in order to push the team on the right track. ENCE and Aleksanteri have agreed on a contract that includes the NLC summer split, which after we will together evaluate how the cooperation works and will decide on the future afterwards.

"We figured that our young roster will need all the help they can get during the NLC season to get them on a right track."

- Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen, ENCE General Manager

"Aleksanteri is specialized in performance coaching.." says Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen

"Aleksanteri was hired to performance coach our newly acquired League of Legends team on their first steps under the ENCE banner. Aleksanteri is specialized in performance coaching on his coaching studies and this was a key element for us when choosing him. We figured that our young roster will need all the help they can get during the NLC season to get them on a right track. Taikki is doing a lot of the instructor work as well but there is way too much work for a veteran player alone to guide our young players. Aleksanteri finished as a runner up with Nyyrikki on last season of Nordic league before it merged with UK league to make NLC. This means he already has some experience of our future opponents and we trust him to push out the best of our roster."

- Niklas "Willkey" Ojalainen, ENCE General Manager

Our League of Legends debut is happening tonight June 16th at 21:00 EEST, where we will be facing off against Riddle. Catch the action and find out the stream details from our coverage page here

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