ENCE welcome Creapz

News 14.10.2016

ENCE welcome Creapz

Our Hearthstone roster gets a further boost with the addition of Mika “Creapz” Tuovila to the ENCE organisation. We are excited to have another player coming into the Hearthstone lineup as we further strengthen ourselves in multiple eSports games across the scene. Mika who has been one of the top Finnish players in the game will be a thrilling player to have with us and we hope for a long successful time together.

With a new year around the corner and DreamHack Winter as well as a new HCT tour we look forward to the impact that Mika and Antti will be able to have on the international scene. Below you can read some statements from Petri and Mika on this new roster addition.

Mika “Creapz” Tuovila

I’m really happy and proud to join ENCE. I am very well known and respected player in Finland, but now it’s time to take the next step, worldwide. Joining ENCE means so much for me, leading eSports organisation in Finland which already has one great HS-player and a good friend of mine Kufdon, I couldn’t think a better team for myself. I am really confident moving towards Dreamhack Winter and next HCT tour. Next year ENCE will be well known in Hearthstone scene also!

Petri “procyh” Hämälä – CEO, ENCE eSports

Mika is player who’s established himself as one of the best and most steady Hearthstone players in Finland. Mika is a player with huge passion and desire to be the best, we believe that he together with Antti can lead Finland to success on international tournaments and HCT tour.