ENCE TV - Behind the Scenes: PGS Berlin Europe Qualifier

News 28.3.2020

Through March 6th to 8th, our PUBG team took part in the PGS: Berlin Europe Qualifier Finals. The event saw 24 of the top European teams attending a race for six qualification spots in the main event, PGS: Berlin.

The teams were split into three groups, and every team had two days of games to play. It was a huge weekend for the boys with one goal in mind — finish in the top 6 or miss out on one of the biggest major events of the year.

“As soon as we started practicing with the new roster our only goal was to get to the top 6 here” – Skuijke

The start was not perfect, as the team fell to the bottom end of their group during the first day of games. Yet, there was still a chance, if the boys were ready to grab it. Things got more and more intense on the second day, culminating in one of the most nail-biting final games we’ve seen. 

Check out the full Behind The Scenes video to see the journey through our players’ eyes and find out how things played out!