ENCE releases Overwatch squad

News 12.5.2018


Late last year saw three of our players get transferred to Team Gigantti, which meant we had to start building a new Overwatch roster from the scratch. The remaining player from 2017 was Kalle “Cali” Ylönen, who signed together with our selected captain Oula “Olbaa” Räsänen with the task of scouting new players to the team to complete our 2018 roster.

ENCE is dedicated to finding winning ways, which meant we had set ourselves one goal and one goal only – qualifying for Overwatch Contenders Season 2. With us unfortunately being out of the race, we have decided to disband the current roster and release our players.

It’s not a light decision to make, but going forward and reaching the set goals is something we need to evaluate actively. On individual players we have seen improvement, but team synergy is just something we were unable to fix. Our intention is to continue with Overwatch and start building a new roster and to reach Contender level. Time will show if we stay with full Finnish roster or if we have to expand our eyes to Europe.

-Petri “Procyon” Hämälä, CEO

Picture by Arttu Liimatta

We want to thank all players and our Overwatch staff Niklas “Nikse” Salminen and Mikko “Tuutsi” Kamppari for the effort they have put in.

ENCE is still committed to Overwatch and we are now evaluating our approach in the game moving forward.


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