ENCE.R6 head to Gamescom

Post 21.7.2017

Who are ENCE.R6?

Recently we picked up a new Rainbow Six Siege team and very quickly got involved in the action of this incredible eSport with the EU Pro League and other tournaments. The team itself was a roster formerly known as GiFu (pronounced SiSu, don’t ask… weird Finland) and they had been playing Rainbow Six since the launch of the game and had already been competing at a high pro level. The five players and coach are all Finland based players and while they have made their mark on the pro scene have yet to clinch the coveted title of champions.

First Season as ENCE

When GiFu joined ENCE eSports the Year 2 Season 2 of Pro League had already commenced and the team were well prepared for what lay ahead. Although they have yet to win a championship they have managed to make it to six finals in a row, Willkey and Bounssi being the only players in the Pro League to have made to every single one. With this comes the curse and a need to break it to claim that first title, however so far this season the team has been shaping up to do just that.

During the group stages they managed to pick up relatively easy victories to move them on to the playoff stage where they would need just one victory in order to qualify to LAN. Their opponent would be French side Supremacy who would put up a more difficult fight than expected, but in the end ENCE managed to prevail 2-1 in the series with some fantastic plays from everyone and some crazy clutches from the usual suspects.

We managed to sit down with ProtaX and Willkey to get their thoughts on the move to ENCE and their season so far.

Mikko ‘ProtaX’ Mutanen – Coach/6th

What a season it has been! While no new operators were added to the game this season the meta-game stayed almost the same. Teams perfected the old tactics and only few new were introduced to the game. Our guys showed some awesome individual plays and even aces, but it all came down to our capability to adapt. This season we did a great job tweaking old tactics and countering the new ones. I feel that the mix of individual skill and adaptation are the keys to victory for ENCE at LAN finals at Gamescom 2017.

Niklas ‘Willkey’ Ojalainen – Team Captain

Our season has been success so far. We have already secured our spot to Gamescom which will be biggest R6 event so far. Also we are close to securing our spot to Nordic Championship finals at Assembly summer. We are sure that we can secure that one as well and then we would have two LAN events during a one month period, a 1st time in our history. Of course we want to win both of those and are working hard to achieve that. Joining ENCE was of course one part of decisions to finally archieve that desired victory.

What comes next?

Gamescom will be the venue for the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League Year 2 Season 2 finals where teams from Europe, North America and LATAM will come together to decide the global champion. The event will also boast a $237,000 prize pool split among all teams in attendance. With securing a spot at LAN finals it also means that the team gain a spot at the next Pro League season starting in a few months. On the 27th July they will face off against PENTA to decide who will be the number one seed from EU going into the LAN finals.

The team are also currently in the Nordic Championship Semi-finals which will be played 26th July. A victory for the team means they will play the finals at Assembly Summer 2017 in Helsinki, Finland.