ENCE Overwatch ECS Legend Series Victory

Post 8.10.2017


The ENCE Overwatch team have managed to add another victory to their growing list with the addition of the ECS Legend Series. The team had travelled to Poland where they would face eSuba in the Grand-Final of the first season for the Legend Series for Overwatch. Clearly the favourites going into the match it would prove to be a comfortable series for the team as they managed to take a clean 4-0 victory against eSuba and claim the first ECS Legend Series title.

Having recently won the Finnish Championships this is another step in the right direction for the team as they are looking to make their mark on the international team. After the final we had a chance to grab a few words from Team Captain Trickwide about the final, their time in Poland and what this means moving forward.

Trickwide – Team Captain ENCE.OW

We got invited to play in the grand final of Legend Series Overwatch Season 1 after the disbands of Vivi’s Adventure and Team Singularity that were the original finalists. The grand final was set to be played at Poznan Game Arena, the biggest Polish game convention, on the 7th of October. Our opponent in the grand final was no other than eSuba from the Czech Republic that we had regularly practiced versus in the past. We left on our journey towards Poland early in the morning on the 6th of October. First flight was Helsinki-Berlin, second Berlin-Warsaw and our original plan included taking a train to Poznan from Warsaw. Unfortunately, due to few incidents, we had to take a taxi all the way to Poznan, at least we got to see the beautiful Polish countryside… Eventually, we arrived to Poznan in the late Friday afternoon and left our luggage to our hotel rooms. We had scouted a perfect restaurant nearby the hotel and enjoyed our traditional Polish meals. As the night drew close we had no time to explore the streets of Poznan and headed to bed as the grand final was on Saturday noon.


With well-eaten breakfast on Saturday, we headed to the Poznan Game Arena, where ELC Gaming had brought their esport truck Big Betty that would later be our stage. Having seen only videos and photos of the Big Betty in the past, it was fantastic to see the Big Betty been transformed into an esport stage. As we arrived to the player lounge on top of the Big Betty we grabbed few sodas and chatted with the members of eSuba. After a while, we got the permission from the tournament organizers to set up our gear and the grand final was set to start. The final was Best of 7 and the first map of the series was Oasis. We were confident about our victory conditions and eventually won the Oasis 2-1, as eSuba took Oasis Garden with their splendid counter-dive oriented playstyle. The second map was Nepal and it ended yet again 2-1 in our favor. The third map of the series was Hollywood and eSuba was first to attack. We managed to full hold them on the first point and grabbed the third map as we managed to take the first tick on the point. The fourth map was Watchpoint: Gibraltar and both teams managed to bring the payload to the end. On overtime, eSuba pushed the payload close to the first point of Watchpoint: Gibraltar and on our overtime attack, we managed to push the payload through. This meant we were the winners of the Legend Series season 1 with a 4-0 score in the grand final versus eSuba.


After the winner’s interview, we left the Poznan Game Arena, even though it would’ve been lovely to explore through the venue and all the stands. This was due to our flight leaving early on the Sunday morning from Warsaw. Yet again we were set to take a train but there was only standing places left on the train and we took a taxi to Warsaw airport. After eating at the hotel and having few celebration drinks I left to the hotel room to watch some Contenders and to sleep for few hours before the flight. Yet again the flights were Warsaw-Berlin and Berlin-Helsinki. To our misfortune we found out that rCk’s luggage never came to Finland, yet another story to tell from the trip to Poland along with the story of him paying 12 euros for a cheeseburger meal at McDonald’s in Warsaw. Despite the win in Poland, it is now time to get back to practices and focus on the Finnish ASUS ROG GameXpo and Fel.gg leagues. #EZ4ENCE


Congrats to the team on another victory and we thank all the fans that have supported the Overwatch team and look forward to what the future brings.