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News 1.5.2017

As many of you might have noticed, we have acquired ourselves a gaming house in the Helsinki metropolitan area to accommodate our players with a facility to practice and prepare for upcoming tournaments in.

The house is roughly 100 m² in size and currently has six fully decked desktop computers along with plenty of room for resting. As we are Finns, the house is obviously equipped with a sauna and also has a terrace to arrange team meetings and other activities. Having an office room in the house also gives the management a home base to connect at and meet with our partners and sponsors. There is still plenty of decor to be finished but we wanted to share some details with our fans already.

You can look forward to a full rundown and inside look of the house once it is complete as well as how the teams will use it to help take advantage of practising together ahead of tournaments.

Establishing our own base of operations is next important step for ENCE. Our gaming house’s main function is to work as a training ground for our players, plans include monthly boot-camp for the teams where are able to provide comprehensive coaching. Prior the tournaments preparation training will be also organised at the gaming house.

At the house, we also have office for the management and Finnish sauna for important meetings 😉

-Petri Hämälä, CEO –



We have planned hardware with our partners and players and everything has been hand picked with consideration to provide the optimal training environment for the tournaments.We want to thank our partners Jimm’s PC-store, ASUS ROG and Ulti-mat for providing the required equipment for the ENCE gaming house.

Jimm’s Gamer Silver 1070 V2

Asus 24″ MG248Q
Ulti-mat Racing Chair ENCE
Asus RT-AC88U
Asus RT-AC5300

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