ENCE Gaming Chair by Ulti-mat

Post 15.10.2016

Our choice is Ulti-Mat Racing Chair!

Raising the standards of an office and gaming chair to a new level. Ulti-Mat chairs have been molded and designed to combine all the best features in office, esports and racing chairs to one quality product. You can already see the difference by it’s looks, but there’s much more to it once you get to sit in it.

This is the official ENCE team chair, with an inspiration from the rally world to it’s looks combined with ultimate seating comfort for lengthy gaming or work sessions. The chair has been manufactured in a collaboration with ENCE which is best seen in the color scheme. By buying this chair, you can be sure to have made a great choice, but also support ENCE on it’s journey in being one of the best in esports!

The chair has plenty of features, such as 180 degree rotating back, “stealth” -wheels and a tilting back that is usually featured in only the most expensive models. It also comes with a longer gas spring of class 4.

Ergonomics and comfort are key components in delivering best possible results when playing on a competitive level. This chair has gone through a close inspection in making sure we have a product that delivers in all fronts and keeps you comfortable through the longest gaming sessions. It is also great and important for us to be working together with a Finnish manufacturer.
– Joona “natu” Leppänen, Partner at ENCE eSports

You can already pre-order your chair from Jimm’s PC-Store for 379€ and they will also be available for international purchase shortly.


180 degree tilting back
Gas spring of class 4
Carrying capacity: 185 kg
3D armrests
Antislip and quiet “stealth” wheels

Technical specifications

Material: Microleather
Colors: ENCE
Gas spring: Class4
Max height: 54cm
Minimum height: 44cm
Category: Office and gaming chairs
Net weight: 30kg