ENCE and FACEIT presents - Suomi Pro League (SFPL)

News 29.10.2017

Counter-Strike is a big part of ENCE’s core history and we want to be a part of writing the next chapter of success in the Finnish scene. ENCE and FACEIT are proud to present Suomi Pro League, which is going to be a big catapult towards the international scene for young new talents.

SFPL is an official route to the actual FPL and we give two of the best players a berth to the FPL qualifiers each season. In addition our system has multiple steps, where players at different levels will have access to playing against players with similar skill level, all the way to FPL.


Finland has been missing a gather system, that allows players to get to play against players at similar skill level, improve as players and getting to know new players. I believe our system will have a very positive effect for the Finnish community and it’s a joy to be a part of putting this together with FACEIT.
– Tomi ’lurppis’ Kovanen, ENCE esports


The system will launch this Sunday 29th of October, where players will get to choose their fit division according to their FACEIT elo. The hubs are free of charge untill the 30th of November, which after the fee is going to be 5 €/month. Through 2018, we will be introducing Areena -events that were first launched by Tomi ‘lurppis’ Kovanen for CS 1.6, where we invite players from the SFPL to compete. This is a great way to give new players a chance to play along and against some of the very best Finnish players in a LAN environment and give them the opportunity to show their skills in a pressured situation to the representatives of the biggest Finnish organizations.

Areena -events are making a comeback together with SFPL


Grassroots level activities have been below standards in Finland and internationally for a quite a while now. SFPL gives us an opportunity to get to know tomorrow’s stars and most importantly, give them a chance to play with more experienced players who they can learn things like team play and how to function as a unit. It’s an honor to be paving new roads for our new talents.
Joona ’natu’ Leppänen, ENCE esports


We have agreed to work together with an already established FACEIT hub FGL to run the operation in a collaboration. We will be integrating their invitational into SFPL and are welcoming all players from below divisions to join their corresponding division on our all new hubs.


Find our hubs by clicking here