ENCE expands into Hearthstone - Welcome Kufdon!

News 9.6.2016

Welcome Kufdon

Today we are happy to announce another expansion of the ENCE team as we step into the world of Hearthstone and welcome our first player to the division Antti ‘Kufdon’ Lammi. Having recently expanded into Starcraft II we are excited to branch further out into the eSports industry to other games and look forward to the future of Hearthstone. Antti who has been one of the most notable players in recent years within the Finnish industry now joins the organisation with the aspiration of becoming one of the best players in the world and we are excited to help him along that path. With the game receiving a Championship Series as well as various tournaments throughout the year and capped with the World Championships at Blizzcon, it is an exciting time for the organisation to be getting involved.

We look forward to the future working with Antti and all that we can achieve together in the Hearthstone eSports scene and hope that the fans will welcome him and cheer him on in the upcoming time. Below you can read the thoughts of Antti and Petri of this new partnership

Antti ‘Kufdon’ Lammi on joining ENCE

“I couldn’t be more excited about joining ENCE. Recently, I’ve been working hard on improving my play and taking the next step in my Hearthstone career. I’m already a well-known name here in Finland, now I’m looking to make a splash abroad. With the support of ENCE, I believe I can make that happen.”

Petri Hämälä, CEO of ENCE eSports on Kufdon

“This is the next step for us to be considered as the best and most comprehensive organization in Finland. We re-launched ENCE at the start of 2016 with only a CS:GO team and have then expanded into StarCraft II and now Hearthstone. After following different eSports titles and players we see potential on both Hearthstone and Antti, our goal is to support Antti to take the next step and be one of the best players in the world.”