ENCE, ESL and 12 other leading CS:GO teams sign a groundbreaking new agreement

News 18.2.2020

We are excited to announce that we have signed an agreement together with ESL and 12 other leading CS:GO teams to begin a joint venture to create a new framework for the Counter-Strike ecosystem

Together as partners and key stakeholders of the Pro League, we all contribute to lay a foundation to further professionalize the landscape of Counter-Strike esports. We are creating a sustainable league that benefits the teams, players, the league and the entertainment value for the viewer at home.

“‘The Louvre agreement’ as we have grown fond of calling it, can be seen as a gathering of partners with a common idea for the growth of Counter-Strike. It will build a platform to create stability and growth, without sacrificing the ability for new teams and players to climb to the top.”, says Sebastian Weishaar, Chief Product Offier at ESL in ESL’s Press Release

This agreement establishes a deep partnership between ESL, DreamHack and the partner teams, introducing multiple new components into the ecosystem. ESL Pro League has transformed into a new global league starting its 11th season. The teams as majority stakeholders in the league have a key role in its strategic decision-making processes. The agreement also introduces a revenue share model for teams and players from ESL Pro Tour competitions, including its marque events such as ESL One Cologne and IEM Katowice.

ENCE will be seen competing in the ESL Pro Tour events in the future

“This is another testament to our ability to build highly engaging esports brand within one of the most competitive games out there. We could not be more excited to join the best teams in the world and to start building the next chapter of Counter Strike. Together we can create an ecosystem that benefits all parties and gives us another pillar to continue building our business sustainably.”, says Mika Kuusisto, CEO at ENCE

You can find more information on the agreement at ESL’s Pro Tour website

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