ENCE & CSGO part ways

News 20.6.2017

ENCE & CSGO team part ways

Today we announce the departure of our Counter Strike: Global Offensive lineup from the organization. Over the last while we have been working with the team to push our name further within the CSGO eSports scene, however we will take a step back for now.

With this new lineup we had aimed to try something different by bringing in a younger team and work with them to help build their experience and skills within the Finnish scene in the hope that we could use a good foundation to build on. Below you can read a statement from aNGeldusT explaining our decision to part ways with the lineup.

ENCE in mutual co-operation with the CSGO have decided to part ways. We recruited our newest CSGO team, consisting of younger and a bit less experienced players, to give them a stable growing ground that they could utilize in their way to stardom. In the past few months however, it has become evident that there is a general lack of drive and motivation within the team to achieve the expected levels we as an organization would like to achieve.

After trying out numerous alternatives, the team and organisation felt that the situation wasn’t providing the right results and thus we decided to part ways. ENCE still thrives for Professional eSports in the Nordics and we will continue to spearhead that movement in the future. Rather than counting out CSGO, we are re-focusing our efforts to find the best match for our organization and a benchmark for Finnish CS, the way it’s meant to be.

Juha ‘aNGeldusT’ Kurppa – Partner, ENCE eSports

As stated we will continue to look for a team that will suit the objectives that we want to achieve as an org and are only temporarily stepping away from the CSGO scene.

As an organization we not only want to be recognized as the best team/org within Finland but to go on and challenge the eSports scene across various games on a global scale. We thank all our fans for supporting the team and organization and hope that you continue to cheer for us as we move forward in the future.