ENCE CS:GO in GG.BET Majestic Main Stage

Coverage 12.5.2018

*UPDATE* LOSS vs. EnVyUs 1-2 (Inferno 16-10, Mirage 15-19, Train 10-16)


*UPDATE* WIN vs. Kinguin 3-0 (Upper bracket advantage 1-0, Nuke 16-8, Mirage 16-10)

We triumph Kinguin yet again in the group final in a Best of 5 series, where we had a one map advantage coming from the upper bracket. Today we managed to play a much more composed CT-side on both maps which gave us the foundation to take the victory. This means we are the winners of our group and move on to the playoffs stage!

*UPDATE* WIN  vs. Kinguin 2-1 (Mirage 25-22, Nuke 10-16, Overpass 16-12)

We continued our winning ways in the tournament by beating Kinguin in a tough matchup 2-1. First map Mirage saw us have a tremendous T-half, but we couldn’t close sit out on CT – eventually ending up on overtime. After multiple nail biting moments, we finally clinched the map 25-22. Moving on to Nuke, we once again had a terrific attacking side, scoring a 7-8 which is very good on a map like Nuke. Unfortunately we once again struggled on the CT-side and Kinguin closed the map convincingly 10-16. Moving on the Overpass, we started on the CT-side and yet again couldn’t find our footing. Big issue was the inability to stabilize our economy which kept us on the brink of economic reset, which Kinguin managed to force. Again however, after a 5-10 CT half, we took matters into our own hands and set the tempo in our attacking play. The boys only lost 2 rounds after switching sides and finally got the win 16-12 and the series 2-1

*UPDATE* WIN vs. Team LDLC 2-0 (Dust2 16-12, Train 16-8)

ENCE started out strong in GG.BET Majestic with a clean victory over French Team LDLC. First map was LDLC’s choice Dust2, but it was ENCE that set a commanding lead in the first half of the game on T-side (11-4). After trading force buy wins in the second half back and forth, ENCE finally managed to calm the storm and hold LDLC’s attacks off winning the map 16-12. As we moved on the ENCE’s pick Train, the team was feeling confident as it has been one of the better maps for them. Again a storming lead on the T-side (11-4), we then eventually closed it out on the CT-side after securing the pistol and giving away a few rounds, playing it safe by double saving during the half to make sure everyone had all the necessary utility. The scoreline on Train ended up being 16-8

A deserved win for ENCE, who now wait for the winner of Tempo Storm and Kinguin. Our next game is scheduled for 15th of May, 22:00 Finnish time (21:00 CEST)!

Stream: twitch.tv/efragtv

Counter-Strike action resumes at ENCE, as we have received an invite to GG.BET Majestic’s Main Stage, a tournament where the winner will be granted a spot at ESL One Cologne 2018.

GG.BET Majestic – is a CIS and EU CS:GO tournament, with a prize pool of $ 25,000 as well as a slot at ESL One Cologne 2018, featuring a LAN final June 5th to 6th in Moscow Cybersport arena.

Among the invites for the Main Stage are Vega Squadron, QB Fire, Singularity, Alternate aTTaX, LDLC and ENCE

Tournament Format

May 12th –  Region Open Qualifier in CIS and EU
May 13th to 24th –   Main Stage Сlosed Qualifier CIS (8 teams) and EU (8 teams) with group system in format of double-elimination in each of 2 groups
May 17th to 27th – Final Stage Сlosed Qualifier CIS (4 teams) and EU (4 teams) in format of single-elimination
June 5th to 6th – LAN Final (4 teams) Double-Elimination format

Prize Pool distribution

1st place – Invitation to ESL One Cologne 2018
2nd place – $ 15,000
3rd place – $ 7,000
4th place – $ 3,000


ENCE games start 13th of May

We’re jumping straight into the action, as we will have a game scheduled for Sunday, 13th of May already. We will be keeping our social media and the website up to date on what time and who we open up against.


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