ENCE competes in HCT Pro Team League: Welcome NoRage!

News 22.9.2018

We are one of the 50 organizations competing this year in Pro Team Standings for the Hearthstone Championship Tour (HCT). The idea behind the team league is to combine the HCT points of all the players inside a team. The top 10 teams with the highest point totals will receive prize money according to their standings.

Robin “NoRage” Sjölund

Every team competing in the League will have a 3-player roster. Therefore, we are excited to announce that Robin “NoRage” Sjölund has joined our ranks in Hearthstone! He will compete alongside Kufdon and Creapz to collect as many points during the Season 3 as possible.

Hello, I’m Robin “NoRage” Sjölund. I started playing Hearthstone casually in the end of 2013, mostly having friendly games with memedecks. In the late 2015, I found more interest in the game and started to play more actively on ladder. I also participated in online tournaments, which resulted in me playing in 2 out of 3 playoffs in 2016. Same year, I qualified for WESG Europe Finals, which led me to join the team BX3 (nowadays Nordavind). During the time I spent there, I achieved a victory in Digitality X, Top 8 -finish at Dreamhack Winter, and also the opportunity to play in Lifecoach’s Mansion. I’ve always been in the top in all Finnish tournaments aswell. As a player, I mostly enjoy to play fatigue/combo decks. But if the meta requires it, there is always a good opportunity to SMOrc some people down.

It has kinda been a dream of mine to join ENCE since the start of my career, as it is the most established esports organization in Finland. The other reason is so I can say #EZ4ENCE. Now when we are competing in the HCT team standings with Kufdon and Creapz, I think we have a solid chance to get to a top place and give some competition to our fellow Finns over at Helsinki REDS.

Likewise, Creapz and Kufdon look forward to the upcoming team league:

I think team leagues are good for the game and now that we signed NoRage as our 3rd player, I’m really exited to participate in this one with my teammates, hope we can do well! #EZ4ENCE



I’m excited to be able to take part in the HCT team standings with ENCE in season 3. Competing for HCT points is a massive time investment for any player, and having that extra level of playing for your team makes it a lot more interesting and helps to keep you motivated. NoRage will make a great addition to the team standings roster. He’s been a solid player in the finnish scene for a long time now with some international results as well. Glad to have him on board.

The competition for top 10 will be fierce, but that’ll definitely be the goal. Both me and Creapz made playoffs last season, so now we’ve just gotta keep an eye on NoRage to keep him away from sketchy priest decks on ladder and we’ll definitely have a chance. 😉😉



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