ENCE attend Nordic eSports Academy

News 20.5.2017


This summer will see another eSports event that will help upcoming players aspiring to be eSport players as well as current teams looking to build upon their current standing. The Nordic eSports Academy will be kicking off a four week schedule starting June 12th which will finish with a CS:GO tournament.

ENCE will have their CSGO team in attendance to help them further grow as a team and to compete in the end of camp tournament. The tournament will consist of eight invited teams and eight bootcamp teams and they will battle it out for a €10,000 prize pool and will be played out from the 7-9th July.

The academy will have various speakers and workshops ranging from general eSports, psychology and our very own Joona ‘natu’ Leppanen will be in attendance as a guest coach. You can read below a statement from procyon about the event

Petri ‘procyon’ Hämälä

It is very nice to see new operators in the Finnish eSports scene. Vuokatti Ruka Sports Academy is established and respected among regular sports and they are one of the first regular sports operators in Finland who see the potential and similarity of sports and eSports. Nordic eSports Academy boot camp and tournament show that they are taking eSports seriously and want to establish ground among the scene. We want to be part of this as it creates needed structure for eSport fields.

The entire event will be held at the Kajaani University of Applied Sciences in Finland and aims to help develop top quality players and management throughout the Finnish eSports team to help them step out onto the global scene.

Coverage of the CSGO event will be watchable right here on ENCE.gg and we hope that you cheer on the team as they look to show their potential for the coming year.