ENCE and Telia start a collaboration

News 21.11.2017

Today marks a great day at ENCE, as we announce our collaboration with Telia. We share similar values in broadening esports awareness and responsibility as well as creating a more professional environment for today’s and tomorrow’s esports superstars in Finland. ENCE is happy to be paving the way for Telia with its expertise within the esports space to help them be the frontrunner in Finland in a fast evolving industry.

“ENCE has strong expertise in esports, which helps us understand the industry more deeply. Esports is strongly connected with our business and we look to find new possibilities around it, which our customers could benefit, learn and get excited about. We also want to deliver the message of competitive gaming and the whole gaming culture to a wider audience.”  says Heli Partanen, Head of Consumer Business at Telia


Telia is a new generation telco, international and locally strong. They help to create new kinds of connections and want to make the daily life easier for you, your company and your community.  Telia’s long history in Finland goes back to 1855. They invest each year about EUR 200 million in connections in Finland and employ directly about 3,300 people and indirectly thousands of others.


“This collaboration gives an opportunity for both ENCE and Telia to expand on their operating environment. Our mission is to make the Finnish scene more professional and create success stories both domestically and internationally. We will also be giving our strong expertise on the requirements of esports, that keep changing and evolving continuously. We are extremely happy to be a part of the first steps of Telia into the world of esports.”, says Petri Hämälä, CEO at ENCE


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Petri Hämälä, CEO, ENCE
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