Douyu Cup 2020 Coverage

Coverage 19.7.2020

Next: Serral vs Reynor, August 12, 14:00 EEST
Serral 3-1 Stats

Serral finishes 2nd in Group C

Serral 2-1 PartinG
Serral 0-2 Rogue
Serral 2-1 Armani
Serral 2-1 Clem
Serral 2-0 Zest


July is packed with StarCraft 2 and we love to see it! Now that the DreamHack SC2 Masters 2020 – Summer is over, it’s time to tune in to Douyu Cup 2020. This Chinese tournament has an impressive $20,000 prize pool and most importantly, a sick lineup, with 24 players from around the world.

I will be playing in the C group of Douyu cup, where I have Armani, Clem, Rogue, Zest and Parting. It’s a good opportunity to get a another chance to play against Koreans even though matches with ping are always a bit dislikable. It’s a fairly large tournament with a good amount of big names.


  • 24 players.
  • Group Stage:
    • 4 groups of 6 players.
    • Round-Robin Format.
    • All matches are Bo3.
      • Players in First and Second places advance to the Playoffs Winners’ Bracket.
      • Players in 3rd place advance to the Playoffs Losers’ Bracket.
  • Playoffs:
    • Double-elimination bracket.
    • All matches are Bo5.
    • Finals are Bo7.

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