DH SC2 Masters 2020 Summer: Europe Preview

Post 18.6.2020

While the whole Europe is basking in the hot summer sun, it’s time for StarCraft II fans to prepare for the most important event of the season – DreamHack Masters 2020 Summer! The talent in the competition is so bright that everyone should apply the proper amount of sun lotion for these games!

With a direct invite to the event, Serral starts his run in the Group Stage without having to go through the qualifiers. The stage has 4 Round Robin groups, each with 8 players. The top 4 of each group advances to the Playoffs, played out in a Double-Elimination bracket.

Dreamhack Masters is the first bigger event since Katowice, so I’m excited to play it. I have been practicing a good amount and I’m pretty confident in the way I’m playing. I also like the new maps so far and they seem to support my style to some extent atleast.

– Joona “Serral” Sotala

This event is EU exclusive, but corresponding events are held in all 7 other regions. The prize pool for the tournament is $84,000 USD and in addition, 3805 EPT 2020-21 Circuit Points among all 32 players. The players also receive $125 USD for each match win in the Group Stage. Four players from this EU division will qualify for the Main Event, which is held in July. Also, the Top 12 will receive a spot in the Masters Fall Europe Regional Division.

2020 has shown that even Serral isn’t indestructible. New talent such as Clem, a young Terran playing for Team Liquid, has risen fast in the EU scene, and the older talent like Elazer, Reynor and uThermal have only become stronger. Despite this, Serral is still the name to watch out for, as can be seen from his two recent Stay At HomeStory Cup Championships.

TSL5 didn’t exactly go great for me, I was very worried about mutas in ZvZ and and tried to play a bit cheesy in my games. I went back to more of a normal style for Stay At Homestory Cup and it worked out well. I don’t think I played my best there and that gives me even more confidence for DH Masters

– Joona “Serral” Sotala


Group Stage:

  • 32 players in 4 groups of 8 players each, played in a Round Robin Format.
  • All matches are TBD.
  • Top 4 players of each group advance to the Playoffs.


  • 16 players in a double-elimination bracket.
  • All matches are TBD.
  • Finals are TBD.

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