Deadly Decks: VLPS Control Warrior

Post 9.1.2017

This week on Deadly Decks we are joined by Antti ‘Kufdon’ Lammi and he will be taking a look at the Control Warrior deck created by VLPS. We sit down with Antti to discuss what makes this deck work and how to take advantage of it should you ever come across it in queue.

This is the decklist I piloted to my top 100 ladder finish last month, exclusively from around 1k dumpster ranks.

VLPS Control Warrior

1. What is the objective to making this deck work?

Use your removals efficiently to remove your opponent’s threats while developing your own minions on the board. Your overall strategy is quite simple: use your weapons, and removals to outlast your opponent. You win when your opponent runs out of resources, not life points.

2. Are there any particular weaknesses to the build, a certain class or card combo?

Jade Druid is an almost impossible matchup to beat. You often lack the tools to out-tempo your opponent and the longer the game goes against Jade Druids, the more unfavored you become. Fatiguing them is just impossible. Most control decks like Reno Mage or Reno Warlock can also tech against your deck by making their decklist more greedy, but when the metagame is revolving around fast aggro decks and their counters, Control Warrior is an outstanding choice.

3. If you don’t have a good counter to the deck and meet it in queue, how do you deal with it?

How you approach beating Control Warrior really varies heavily based on what deck you’re running yourself. With most decks the way to approach the Control Warrior matchup is to just simply playing aggressively and pushing on to the board, while of course keeping in mind the best way to play around their removals and making sure not to overcommit to them. For example, a common mistake is putting the Control Warrior to 12 Health and activating their revenges. On the other hand, with certain decks like Reno Mage you want to make the Warrior draw more while maximizing your own resources (like saving your Brann to combo with Kazakus).

4. How does the deck stack up against the main builds (Reno lock etc)

The deck lines up really nicely against all of the aggressive decks. You have a lot of ways to remove early game threats, and similarly a lot of ways to gain armor.  As such, the deck is highly favored versus Aggro Shaman, and also does well against Pirate Warrior. Miracle Rogue is another favored matchup, especially so when they do not run Questing Adventurers as an additional win condition.

Your matchup vs slower decks like Reno Mage and Renolock are also not as bad as many people make them out to be, although they are significantly harder to navigate. Versus most Reno Mage lists you are actually a slight favorite if you play the matchup properly. Some key things include avoiding drawing additional cards, and timing your dirty rats properly so you can maximize the chance of pulling out a key card like Kazakus or Reno. Also keep in mind your opponent’s hand size. Often you don’t want to play a minion on to an empty board because that will make them need to waste a card with a full hand, instead of being able to use it efficiently as removal.