Deadly Decks: Reno Lock

Post 13.3.2017

It is time for Deadly Decks again and this week is Creapz! This week we take a look on a Reno-lock deck that I used to win an open cup few days ago, and used to great success to reach legend this month on EU server. Deck went 10-0 in the open cup.


What is the objective to making this deck work?

This deck has a lot of solid minions to play on curve and great tools to shut down aggressive decks. Main objective for this deck is to outlast aggressive decks, exhausting their resources while not dying. Mana curve is really cheap for this deck than many other Reno-lock lists you see on ladder. You get less clunky hands with this and almost never find yourself in a spot when you don’t have a good play. Cheaper mana curve also allows you to tap more when you feel like you have the HP for it while maintaining board attention.

Are there any particular weaknesses to the build, a certain class or card combo? 

I would say this decks weakness is greedier Reno-lock lists, which makes you less favoured in the mirror, that’s why I banned Warlock in the tournament I won. Druid can be hard if they hit good curve with ramp, but usually you have decent minion pressure vs them also, so they cant just run away with the game. Dirty rat into Felfire potion got me so many times into great situation, when you snipe their auctioneers out of hand and exhaust their hand.

If you don’t have a good counter to the deck and meet it in queue, how do you deal with it?

The way to beat Reno-lock is usually trying to pressure them starting from early turns, don’t give them time to tap and find their answers, you want to pressure Reno-locks turn 4, even if it’s not the most optimal play for you always, so they can’t freely drop mountain giant or drake on the board, and make them into some sub optimal removal plays. Other important fact is to try not give them good turn later game to safely play Jaraxxus, which is the ultimate value card in this game.
If you can’t kill your opponent when they play Jaraxxus you are going to lose the game, you can’t out-value Jaraxxus.

How does the deck stack up against the main builds (Reno lock etc)

Against aggressive decks and mid-range Shamans this deck does really well, usually you curve well enough with this deck to fight for the board early on and you are the one with lifetap to refill your resources, while they draw one card a turn. You can setup great swing turns against shaman with things like dirty rat felfire potion, sniping their azure drake for free for example is a great way to exhaust their hand.

Once you feel safe enough you play Jaraxxus and start out-valuing them with two mana infernals. Against aggro rogue and Pirate warriors you have powerhouse cards like Kazakus and Reno to just basically win the game in one turn. Stampeding Kodo is one of my favourite cards right now since Finja is so popular. Sniping something like Finja is just game winning when your opponent relies on Finja pulling the murlocs out and having extra gas to end the game that way.


Against Warlock/Druid/Priest you wanna find Mountain giant and Twilight drake, while having something to play on 3, like Doomsayer or Imp gang boss. You can keep Doomsayer on coin in the mirror, without coin toss it away. Against Rogue/Warrior/Shaman you always mulligan the way you are facing an aggro deck. So keeping Reno, Kazakus and early game tools is the way to go. So keeping Doomsayer, Imp gang boss and demonwrath is great. I like to keep corruption vs Shaman to just easily answer Trogg/Totem golem, or save it for Flamewreath faceless. Versus rogue and warrior I tend to keep Mortal coil.
This deck preformed really well for me past week, sweeping my #FEL game 3-0 and going 10-0 in the open cup. It’s a great deck to que on ladder when you facing aggro decks, and don’t see much mirrors around.

Hope you enjoy playing the deck and remember to vote, if you want to see me represent Finland in Global Games! #HGG

– Creapz