Deadly Decks: Razakus Priest

Post 7.9.2017

Razakus Priest

With a new Hearthstone expansion that means new decks to play with and investigate. We welcome back to the Deadly Decks series Kufdon as he takes a look at the new Razakus Priest.

It is no great secret that Druid is the class to beat in Hearthstone right now. Today, however I decided to bring you by far my favorite new deck from the Knights of The Frozen Throne: Razakus Priest. While it may not be as simple to pilot or strictly even quite as powerful as some Druid decks if you’re purely looking for some easy ranks (although the deck is still quite powerful), it is a lot of fun to play so I highly recommend you check it out!

What is the objective to making this deck work?

The deck relies heavily on two of its cards. Raza the Unchained makes your heropower cost 0 mana for the rest of the match, and the newly introduced Shadowreaper Anduin to get a refreshable heropower that you can use to clear your opponents minions and go for face damage to close out the game. While you can win games without drawing both of these cards, especially vs aggro, it is your main win condition versus control decks. Because of that, we use a lot of card draw in the list.

How does the deck stack up against the main builds?

The matchups for the deck are not too polarized. The deck can sometimes have a hard time versus Jade Druids, and I definitely don’t recommend using the deck as a counter to that, but even that matchup is definitely winnable albeit slightly Druid favored. This does also mean that the deck doesnt dominate many decks, either. This is mostly due to fact that when you draw your Raza / Anduin combo very late in the game or not at all, you can have a hard time closing out the games.

How should I mulligan with the deck?

Mulligans for the deck are rather complicated and vary heavily based on what class or even specific build you’re facing. Usually card draw and removal cards that are good vs your opponent’s class are what you want, in general. Early game plays like Northshire Cleric are often decent too.

There are however a few cards you almost or almost always keep. Kazakus is such a flexible and powerful card for the deck that it’s safe to say it is always worth keeping. A 5-mana Kazakus-spell can always be a good play. Raza the Unchained is also almost always worth keeping. It is a part of your win-condition in control matchups, and is a decent card on its own versus Aggro. It can sometimes be too slow versus hyper-aggressive decks like Pirate Warrior.

The 2nd half of your win-condition, Shadowreaper Anduin is more costly to keep and you mulligan it away more often. In the matchups where not a lot happens in the early game and you absolutely need Anduin to win you can still keep it though! Quest Mage and Jade Druid (if you happen to know which Mage or Druid deck you’re playing against beforehand) are good decks to keep Anduin in your opening hand too.

How can I tech the deck to do better against the meta?

As the deck only runs 1 of each card there are a lot of options to improve it versus whatever you happen to be facing most at a given time. The version featured in the article is a well-rounded list you can use as a starting point.

Versus aggro decks you have a few options for cards to add. Tar Creeper is an excellent addition versus any aggro deck, but if you want to tweak the deck to do better versus Pirate Warrior you can consider adding weapon removal in the form of a Gluttonous Ooze, or just a Golakka Crawler. Sometimes a Greater Healing Potion also makes sense as it can buy you a lot more time. Good cards to cut from the list to make room for this include Mind Blast, Novice Engineer, Curious Glimmerroot and even Prophet Velen.

The featured deck is already rather good versus Control builds but you can tweak your list to do slightly better vs them with inclusions like Obsidian Statue or even Medivh and Free From Amber. Good cuts to make room for these are Novice Engineer, Holy Fire, Curious Glimmerroot, for example.

It’s also worth noting that while it is a common inclusion in the deck, I do not consider Skulking Geist a good inclusion for the deck as your main win-condition versus Jade Druids is burning them down with heropowers, not outresourcing them in the long run.

Hope you guys have as much fun with the deck as I have!

Deck code: AAECAZ/HAh4JigH7AZAClwKcAqEE5QTtBckGpQnTCtUK1wryDPsMoawCkrQCg7sCtbsC2LsC6L8C6r8C+r8C0cEC2MEC2cECvsgC8M8CkNMCAAA=