Deadly Decks: NoRage's Odd Paladin

Post 31.10.2018

Are you having trouble against aggro decks on the Hearthstone ladder? Our player NoRage is here to help you, as he gives us insights to his Odd Paladin Deck!

Ever since Baku the Mooneater got released I’ve been in love with Odd Paladin. It reminds me of the good old Justicar Trueheart days in Control Paladin. As your hero power becomes creating two “dudes” instead of one, making it outvalue a lot of opponents, while still being aggressive early on. This deck did a lot for me in the eSM competition, having the highest win rate throughout the tournament. Also, it surprisingly outvalued a lot of control heavy decks.

What is the objective to making this deck work?

Press hero power. A lot.
Well, in all seriousness it’s to take control of the board and get good trades with your smaller minions early while creating a wide board. Sometimes getting out some early Corridor Creepers. You create pressure with small minions. Then in the mid-game, you buff up recruits with level up or Fungalmancer. Perhaps Wargear connecting to a mech, to continue your early game pressure. Later turns you still got Vinecleaver. It’s one of the best value generating weapons, covering your board while creating your own. There is also some unexpected burst with Raidleader adding some damage to the board or getting the Blessed Maul (+1 attack to your minions).

Are there any particular weaknesses to the build, a certain class or card combo?

After the nerf on Giggling Inventor we can start to cut Blood Knight, as the value disappeared and not running the card makes it less valuable in general. Some classes have a few cards that counter this deck really hard. Spreading Plague is the hardest counter of them, but its possible to beat it, using Void Ripper. You can usually clear the all the taunt minions they create. Another way is to play around it and go for a tall board instead of making it wide. Another problem you can encounter is Odd Warrior, as the class mainly runs removal and armor gain. Try to hit hero power as much as possible to create a so-called “threathening board”. You can have him waste his removal spells, with always having an option refill your board and slowly chop down his health. Divine Favor is a really nice card against Warriors because they usually have a lot of cards so you can refill your hand to keep pressuring them. Even Warlock, and Defile in general, is also a hard card to counter. Basically, you need to make sure in midgame to make a board with health difference. This way you won’t have a 1 health 2 health 3 health minion in play, rather having more of the same kind so Defile doesn’t kill off your whole board.

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How does the deck stack up against the main builds?

As the meta changes depending on ranks in general, and Druid being one of the strongest classes at the moment with Spreading Plague, it might not be the optional choice but as stated before it is doable. But queing into other Aggro Decks this Paladin is favoured for the majority of the time.  For example, getting matched versus a Rogue or a Hunter you are usually favoured. I would put it in tier 2 category at the moment simply because Druid got so many different archetypes which are good against Paladin. But as said before, sometimes they miss on having a removal card or a wall of taunt and you will get through them. And as you have the aggressive deck there is always the chance to play around cards. But in the end, if you are facing a lot of aggro decks, Odd Paladin should outvalue them most of the time. If you are facing control it might not be the right option.


In general, you want a 1 drop in all matchups, as you usually hero power on turn 2. Then on turn 3, you start to have decisions to go for a weapon or 3 mana drop or 1 mana + hero power which is common to use. But depending on matchups you also want to keep other cards. For example, if you know you are facing an aggressive deck, Corridor Creeper is a keep as it becomes really cheap already on turn 3. If you are facing control decks, cards like Fungalmancer and Level Up are considered a keep, at least if you are on the coin side. A thumb of rule is to keep lower cost cards if you need to fight for board versus aggro deck. But if you are facing control you can play more greedy as you will always have your hero power to press if nothing else.

If you’re on a tight dust budget, which cards can be replaced without hurting the deck mechanics too much?

This is already a cheap deck to play with the only mandatory legendary card being Baku the Mooneater. But for Epics that could be replaced are a Vinecleaver and a Void Ripper as it’s mostly a tech against druids. There is also a different type of Odd Paladin you can run which was already popular before Witchwood expansion being the package without mech cards at all. Instead of mechs, you can run other one mana drops like Dire Mole or Argent Squire and aswell Stonehill Defender in the 3 mana slot to create some extra value or perhaps get a Sunkeeper Tarim which would fit perfectly into the deck.

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