Deadly Decks: Kufdon's Murloc Druid

Post 18.11.2018

With the countdown to another expansion currently happening, it may be difficult to find new decks to play on ladder.  Luckily it’s my turn to do Deadly Decks – and that means memes. This deck is something I’ve been experimenting with lately, even playing it with moderately good results in the FEL league. Murloc decks gained some power and started showing up on the ladder after the changes to Giggling Inventor removed the largest single annoyance to the archetypes, and this one does a pretty good job of hitting people in the face. Just ask Creapz, who I 3-0’d with the deck in FEL. Mrrgrgrgrl.


What is the objective to making this deck work?

You play fishy creatures onto the board to crush and humiliate your opponent while listening to ‘I Am Murloc’ by Level 70 ETC. Win the board early and snowball your advantage with murloc buffs. If that plan fails (dirty control players with their board clears), you can always just play Spiteful to get a 12/12 or a 10/10 with rush to finish the job. The gameplan is very linear and there isn’t too much to say about it.

Are there any particular weaknesses to the build, a certain class or card combo?

Just simple board clears can slow you down but with the Spiteful Summoners around that’s often all they’ll do. Where the deck really struggles are the matchups where your opponent is able to get on the board early to prevent you from getting your murloc synergy rolling. While an army of murlocs is definitely awesome as a whole, they are pretty weak creatures individually. Decks like Zoo Warlock, Even Paladin, and Odd Rogue have very efficient turns in the early game and can usually prevent you from getting any real value from your card synergies. But you can still win vs them if you are going first, curve out with murlocs and use them to make efficient trades early on.

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How does the deck stack up against the main builds?

On the ladder, you will often benefit from the fact that no one in their right mind will make their mulligan expecting an aggressive Druid deck. This will help give you a better win rate overall. The deck does not solely rely on the element of surprise, however. I’ve had very solid results against Hunters and Druids in general and had some clutch wins vs Odd Warriors. Even the bad matchups aren’t objectively that bad, although playing from behind with the deck probably won’t be too much fun for you. If you lose the board early, the game can feel hopeless. Odd Rogue is probably as bad as it gets since their dagger is able to handle your early murlocs very efficiently. But even that matchup can be won, again just ask Creapz.


Typically you want to find an aggressive curve of minions to start the game. Optimally this means Murloc Raider or Murloc Tidehunter combined with Rockpool Hunter, but other combinations can work as well. Just keep in mind what your opponent is likely to play on the early turns and balance how greedy you get with your mulligan based on this. As said earlier, the deck really has no comeback mechanisms once you lose the board so getting some early plays is very important, but in the bad matchups just any curve might not be good enough. Against very slow decks (Odd Warrior) you can consider keeping cards like Spiteful Summoner even without the best of starts but usually getting the board, in the beginning, is priority number one.

If you’re on a tight dust budget, which cards can be replaced without hurting the deck mechanics too much?

Floop is a pretty powerful card for the deck. You can use it to get a third Warleader or Spiteful Summoner, but it just works pretty well with most of your cards in general. That said, if you don’t have Floop you’re not missing out on much.

Malfurion is another card that honestly is not very important for the deck. While he is a very powerful card for most Druid decks (and is a very good dust investment in general), he is not necessarily a must-have in the deck. Most games are decided before he can get played, but he does enable the odd comeback versus Zoo or help with a final damage push vs Odd Warriors who play their Dr. Boom.

Outside of those two, I wouldn’t change much. The core of the deck is the Murloc package which is for the most part pretty cheap. Spiteful Summoners improve the Even Warlock and Odd Warrior matchups more than running additional spells would.

But as always I highly recommend trying out new cards and figuring out what you like in the deck. Cards like Fungalmancer could be reasonable inclusions. I haven’t tried it out much since I felt like the deck has enough ‘win more’ cards that rely on having a board already as it is. But maybe it would be great. This version of the deck is almost certainly not 100% optimal but it’s a pretty great place to start.


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