Deadly Decks: Hybrid Shaman

Post 16.5.2017

Welcome to another Deadly Decks, this time we are looking at a Hybrid Shaman deck built by Kufdon and Creapz together for Dreamhack Austin.

What is the objective to making this deck work?

The deck combines Jade Shaman with the most powerful parts of the Elemental Shaman deck. You fight for board control at every stage of the game, and eventually your opponent will run out of ways to deal with your threats as your Jades become too large and your Elementals gain too much value.

Are there any particular weaknesses to the build, a certain class or card combo?

Quest Rogue. Quest Rogue is a hard match up, as it is very hard to pressure them down before they complete their quest. Once they have completed the quest they can Vanish away whatever board you’ve built up to that point and refill their side with cheap minions. It’s not unwinnable: they can draw dead or you can find a great jade curve and hit them in the face, but definitely a match up you don’t like to see.

If you don’t have a good counter to the deck and meet it in queue, how do you deal with it?

Good news! As this deck is built by Creapz and me together, and we haven’t shared it prior to this you are unlikely to run into it on ladder.. yet. If you do run into the deck, your best bet is to fight for board control early and go for an aggressive push to face. There’s a limited amount of AoE at the shaman’s disposal so wide boards can be annoying to deal with.

How does the deck stack up against the main builds?

As mentioned previously, Quest Rogue’s can be difficult to beat. Outside of that, the deck has very few bad match ups on the current ladder. The fastest builds of Murloc Paladin have a more consistent early game than you do so you often have to fight from behind to stabilise, but the match up is still an okay one as devolve pretty much kills a murloc board by itself.

Your best match up with the deck is vs Mages. Recently Secret Mage has been growing in popularity, and this deck has a lot of tools to deal with their secrets. You also have enough early game to contest theirs and healing to prevent them from winning with burn. The slower Guenther Mage deck is also a good match up, but as they can deal 15 damage with one card (Alexstrasza) out-healing them can become harder.


Mostly you’re looking for cards to get the board with early on. Cards like Fire Fly and Jade Claws are a keep in almost every scenario. If you know you’re playing against a slower deck you can afford to keep more value-oriented cards like Mana Tide Totem, or sometimes even Aya Blackpaw. Versus faster decks different kinds of cards are prioritised: Maelstrom Portal and Devolve can often be really strong.