Deadly Decks: Creapz's Scavenger Druid

Post 30.9.2018

This week in Deadly Decks, we’re taking a look into a Scavenger Druid deck with our player Creapz!

What is the objective to making this deck work?

This deck plays in a similar way how the old token druid used to function, but it has more actual minions. The deck has many strong 2 off’s, one of them being Strongshell Scavenger. It buffs all your taunts by 2+2. Your goal is to make a board that your enemy is unable to clear, control the board, and eventually push for lethal damage with buffs like savage roar as a finisher. Don’t be too afraid to use savage roars and branching paths for big damage pushes in middle of the game. Even if it’s not lethal damage, many times this leads to scenarios where your opponent needs to make sub-optimal plays just to not die. Eventually, he runs out of answers for your boards. This deck runs one of the most popular cards from the latest expansion, Giggling Inventor. It is extremely hard to remove efficiently with a control deck, and it’s very strong when facing aggro decks. Druid got a really flexible and strong legendary card in the latest expansion as well, Flobbidinous Floop. This card functions well with the deck. Transforming the second Giggling Inventor to 4 mana is really strong. Also, playing 3-4 Saronites or a free Arcane Tyrant makes it really strong and easy to win tempo with. Running the good old Soul Of The Forest will help you to make board states that your enemy cannot handle. All this paired with Malfurion and removal like Spellstone and Swipe that makes it easier to control the board, and of course, Ultimate Infestation that just gives big tempo swings and more resources to keep the pressure on makes this deck extremely strong and well rounded to face the current meta.

Are there any particular weaknesses to the build, a certain class or card combo?

Facing deck that has a lot of removal can be hard. I would say Cube Lock or Even Lock are the hardest to beat because of Defile. You can often play around it quite well as long as you can keep their board clear and not play into easy Defile-clears if your hand gives you options to play around it. This deck is better versus the control decks than old token druid used to be, and match-ups like Odd Warrior is not that hard for you.

How does the deck stack up against the main builds?

Like I mentioned earlier, I feel this deck is in a fairly good spot against the meta we have right now. This deck has so many ways to build board presence, and if your opponent doesn’t respect every board you make, you can just 30-0 them out of nowhere. Also, Giggling/Floop helps a lot in aggro match-ups. Obviously being able to play Saronite Chain Gangs functions well in both ways, making board presence and stalling versus aggro.

If you’re on a tight dust budget, which cards can be replaced without hurting the deck mechanics too much?

Well, it is possible to run the deck without any legendaries if you don’t own them. You do weaken your deck a little bit but there is no reason still to not hit legend with the deck. Rest of the deck is fairly cheap because most of the powerful cards are rare or common.


If you know what you are facing, it always makes the mulligan easier. I still believe mulliganing for ramp is mostly correct. The only match-up where I would throw Nourish away is when going first vs warlock and not having Wild Growth in your starting hand. Gaining extra mana crystals is good for tempo in the long run if you can get away with it, and most of the time as a Druid you can. Spellstone is a keep vs Zoo, Odd Rogue and Mage. Most of the ladder mages are tempo, and that is one of the best cards for handling their early minions. Keeping Floop is correct when you already have ramp, or you are offered an Arcane Tyrant in mulligan. I do keep Wispering Wood if I know I’m facing an aggro match-up. I like taking Ultimate Infestation in mulligan if I have Nourish against control match-ups like Odd Warrior. Against Mirror you look for ramp and play for tempo.

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