cs_summit6 Online Coverage

Coverage 22.6.2020

ENCE finish 10th in cs_summit 6 Online
ENCE finish 3rd in Group C


We take yet another step on the Road to Rio as cs_summit6 Online approaches! This is the second chance during this year to increase our point total, after ESL One: Road to Rio. It’s time to compete against the Europe’s best teams, starting on June 22nd!

Currently, we stand fourth on the Standings with 1280 points. The fourth place secures us the Challenger status, but we aim to enter the Main Event as Legends. It also puts us among the teams that enter cs_summit6 Online in the Phase 3. The phase begins on 24th of June, and it’s a Group Stage played in the GSL format, each series being a best of three. The 16 teams are divided into four groups with four teams in each. From here, 8 teams advance to the Regional Playoffs on 29th of July. They are played with a Double-Elimination Bracket. The event culminates in a Bo5 Grand Finals, and the team coming there from the Winner’s Brackets gets a 1 map advantage.

Our roster for this event is allu, suNny, Aerial, sergej and xseveN.

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