Counter Strike Roster Announcement

News 16.2.2017

Welcome to the new CS:GO Roster

Today we are happy to announce the new roster for our Counter Strike: Global Offensive division. This has been something we have been moving towards since the end of last year and although it has taken a little longer than expected we are happy with the new roster we have formed. There were many different aspects that we looked into when deciding what players we wanted to join the organisation and we felt that it was better to take a little longer and make the best decision rather than rush into one just to have a team.

After careful consideration we are happy to announce one returning player that represented ENCE last year along with four new signings. Below is the new roster

Ville “rEplan” Ijäs

Simo “Leaf” Mykkänen

Joel “joel b” Borgström

Mikael “ociriz” Karkinen

Tony “arvid” Niemelä

We know that the fans have been eager to hear an announcement from us in regards to the CS team and we hope they will welcome and support this new roster as we look towards 2017. Below you can find some statements from arvid and aNgeldust about the roster signings.

We are extremely excited and proud about joining and representing ENCE as they are the number one organization in Finland. Working with ENCE opens up a lot of possibilities, and with their support, I believe our improvement will be even faster and more efficient than it was before. We will do our very best to fulfill everyone’s high expectations towards ENCE’s CS team. We aim to establish ourselves as the number one team in Finland and gain international recognition. We are also eager to prove that there in fact exists talent in Finland outside of the already widely known teams.

– arvid

ENCE is very excited to announce our new Counter-Strike: Global Offensive lineup. ENCE after all, as an organization was born at first to support Counter-Strike in Finland, and with many of our management members having had their eSports careers in the game, it’s only natural to step back into it. Thinking about different teams on the market right now, we had a decision to make. There’s two directions to take; either support already established lineups with players that have already “done it all”, or choose to support teams that have a lot of potential in the future. In the end, we came to the decision that the first team pick would be an investment to the future.


At the moment, ENCE wants to further the Finnish competitive eSports scene, and by supporting upcoming talents we can engage the whole community to develop themselves and thus we should be able to achieve our target as well. The lineup of Arvid, Joelb, Ociriz, Leaf & Replan make a talented, upcoming & promising team. We hope that with the support that ENCE is able to provide, the guys will also be able to reach new heights and bring Finnish Counter-Strike back to the top contender status. Let’s all wish GLHF to the guys and support them wearing the ENCE colours.


– Juha ‘aNgeldust’ Kurppa

There will be more updates in the near future as to where and when the new roster will play so keep an eye on the website for those.