Change in the CS:GO lineup

News 22.5.2016

The past five months has been a roller-coaster of negatives and positives for our Counter-Strike squad. As we acquired this lineup back in January, we strongly believed the foundation we had built possessed the ingredients for continuous development with the support of the organization.

It has become evident as we tried many different ways to resolve in-game issues for a long time, that we missed certain leadership and experience in the dynamic of the team. As we had to resort to a stand-in due to Tom’s sickness recently, we noticed the dynamic happened to work in a way that we saw beneficial for our team in the long run. To resolve this issue we are welcoming Niko ”naSu” Kovanen, a veteran in his own right – to the team on a try-out basis. Niko already helped the squad at DreamHack Tours European CS:GO Minor and the team felt a significant boost in chemistry as far as the roles and build of the team is concerned. He is no stranger to us as he has played in the first iteration of ENCE back in 2014. He was also a huge part of the most successful Counter-Strike 1.6 teams Finland has ever had to offer, such as Roccat and WinFakt.

Aleksi ”allu” Jalli, Captain of the CS:GO team had this to say:

 It is great to have more experience on the team so that I will not be the only one who has been on the biggest stages of competition anymore. Niko is a player who doesn’t shy away from taking a role in the team which is what we needed. This change also means that I will get to go back playing on the AWP role which I’m looking forward to. These changes will bring more balance to the team and we are confident this is what we need to take the next step!

We don’t take these kinds of changes lightly, which is why we have decided together with Niko to setup a try-out period to make sure we can build a long term solution on a healthy basis. He will be acquiring the reigns of the team meaning as of now he will be the in-game leader of the squad and has a big responsibility on molding the team into a functioning unit. These changes also mean that Aleksi ”allu” Jalli will from now on be taking the main AWPing role and we are all excited to see some of the vintage allu plays in the near future.

Niko ”naSu” Kovanen, The new in-game leader of the CS:GO team had this to say:

I really missed the competition and Im thrilled about the opportunity to represent ENCE again. This time around I will be acting as the in-game leader for the first time. I dont think ENCE lacked any firepower, but proper execution and me being the only Finn left who ever played under proper leadership I know what it takes so Im confident you’re going to see a whole different ENCE soon.

With changes you will always have to make hard decisions and it is with sadness we have to announce the departure of Tom ”stonde” Glad from the team. He will be released off of his contract effective at the end of this month. We would like to take this opportunity to thank Tom for his efforts and would like to emphasize that this is by no means a decision made based on his individual performance on the battlefield, but one that we believe will benefit the squad most going forward in terms of the build and having players for the right roles to maximize its potential. He is an incredibly talented player who in the right formation has a bright future in Counter-Strike.

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