CEO’s review

Post 1.10.2016

Here at ENCE we believe we have managed to reach many of our goals we set for 2016. We’ve managed to become the clear number one eSports organization in Finland and a fan favourite, without forgetting all our foreign fans as well.

However, we still have a massive amount of work ahead of us to be able to achieve the rest of our goals. Everything starts from the structure of our organization, so that we can guide Finnish talent to challenge the top international scene in any game. Competition is only getting harder every single day, so we have to make sure we have all the necessary tools in order to make our way through. This also means that our cooperation with Vierumäki, the official training center of the Finnish Olympic Committee is an integral part of studying and reviewing our own methods.

Our CS:GO team has so far been able to set themselves as a top 30 team internationally and also our StarCraft II player Welmu is at similar ranking in WCS points. I strongly believe that Finnish players have plenty more potential, which we have to be able to extract by training and preparing our players correctly.
We were unable to reach our ranking targets set in the beginning of the year, but it’s not something to feel sorry about. Instead we find motivation in trying to reach them by doing things better.

Rest of 2016

There is still plenty of action to be had from ENCE as our CS:GO team is going to be seen at atleast four LAN-events, first one being IeSF in Jakarta from 6th of October to 10th of October. At the event we represent the Finnish national team sent by SEUL. Afterwards we are making our way to Paris Games Week for ESWC 2016 from 27th to 31st of October. Before we head for another international outing, we have a domestic battle at the ASUS ROG GameeXpo 2016 from the 4th to 6th of November at the Helsinki Exhibition and Convention Center. Last but not least is the Nordic Championships to end our year.

Our Hearthstone player Kufdon is going to be seen at least at the DreamHack Grand Prix circuit stop at DreamHack Winter from 24th to 27th of November.

For StarCraft II there isn’t much on the schedule as of right now, but should anything interesting surface Welmu is ready to take part in the action.

ENCE 2017

We aim to have teams and players amongst the top 20 in their respective games at the very least. We will continue supporting CS:GO, StarCraft II and Hearthstone. A possible new addition for next year is Overwatch, as soon as we can find a suitable team to be a part of our organization.
We will also be hiring people to the backoffice to make sure we have enough personel in becoming even better and stronger for both our teams and for our fans and followers.

If everything was #EZ4ENCE – something would be wrong.